hitec (LaTeX document class)

I love LaTeX. It's my preferred tool whenever I need to write a document in English. But it had one little problem: The documents it generated, even though beautifully typeset, had an academic look. For someone who submits the documents to hitec companies, an engineering-like look was more appealing.

So I wrote my own document style. It's inspired from several technical documents, such as application notes and manuals which are published by large companies in the industry.

The style is available at your favourite CTAN site, http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/hitec/ in particular. It's the hitec.cls file that you really want.

After downloading (and possibly updating TeX's search cache), just change the well-known \documentclass{article} to \documentclass{hitec} and enjoy the new look.

Here's an example of what a page looks like (taken from the Perlilog guide):

Sample of hitec doc style

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