My hobbies

I decided to dedicate one page to things I do for fun. Or to be precise: Things I do for fun, which are not technology-related.

There are mainly two things:

  • Choir singing. My "home choir" is Shahar Choir. The material is mainly Baroque and earlier music (composers like Bach and those who wrote before him), and contemporary music (Britten, Poulenc and friends).

    Want to hear an example? Here it is: Shahar Choir's performance at the Dormition Church (Jerusalem) of Christ Lag in Todesbanden, (5.4MB mp3) from Cantata 4 by J.S. Bach. This is a recording I did during a live concert on Oct 25th 2003.

    The cantata was performed with authentic Baroque instruments, which may sound weird to those who are not used to their sound.

    Shahar Choir in Dormition church
    Shahar Choir in the Dormition church, on another concert (Feb 22nd 2003)

    Persistent rumors claim that I've sung Mozart's requiem a couple of times, and I can't deny that. Neither sinning with some Barbershop in the past.

  • Somewhere back in 2001, a friend told me that he's a salsa instructor, and I just had to see him in action. And so I got addicted myself. I can't say I'm going out dancing as much as I used to, but once it gets into your blood, there's no cure. And no reason to be cured, for that matter...
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